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I just purchased a work bench type light fixture for fast plant growing. I then went to buy the bulbs. I remembered that the bulbs should be a cool-type but beyond that I had no idea. I went ahead and purchased 40W. Thoughts?

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Hi Elizabeth, I worked on my lights last spring, and I switched to the light boxes with the energy saver bulbs like Jim Backus did. We had a discussion on about that on here in a Forum about building light boxes.
I have shop lights in my garage, though, and there are some bulbs called Cool. I think you did the right thing to get the 40W. When I was trying to decide what kind of lights to use in my classroom, I read the plan from the Fast Plant website, and it says at the very top of that page to use 40W Cool bulbs if you're doing the light bank.
I'd be interested to see if plants do better in light boxes or light banks.
Thanks! Clearly had not read the instructions close enough! I am starting a few plants next week. I'll let you know how it goes.
No problem! Hey, I usually am the worst at following written instructions -- much better to learn by watching or doing! Good luck with your plants; I'm starting mine after my class numbers get settled, probably in October. Do share how yours grow.




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