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thanks for response to my earlier question- i really appreciate it! 

I have a couple more questions i was hoping you could help me with (if they have already been answered -im for the duplicate questions)

1. can you use small paintbrushes instead of pollination wands/beesticks? 
2. we are growing in bottles and using the AP set up with mason twine.  How do I know if the mason twine i have (found in my classroom) is good enough and will do what it needs to? My twine is 100% cotton 

thank you very much!!

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The cotton twine may rot before the plants mature---but maybe not.  My guess is that you'll make it through one generation but don't expect to reuse the cotton twine.

I have used small paint brushes--not very successfully with students but it can work.  I've also had students move plants around rubbing anthers and pollen from flowers in one system with the stigmas of flowers in a different system.  I think you will find, though that the bees are by far the easiest pollination system.  It doesn't take much to collect a couple of bees--put them in the freezer and then use them to pollinate.  All bees will work....

What I do is talk to one of my colleagues who has a bee hive and ask him to keep an eye out for dead bees that I could use--takes very little time---only need a couple of dozen which I keep in the freezer.  In fact, I have bees in the freezer at home, and here in my lab.






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