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Howdy Super Soilers!  See rough outline for lesson plan

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Craig -
I like your plans - but you've used a lot of abbreviations in there that I am unfamiliar with - could you possibly post a more detailed plan or background? I REALLY like this lesson and would like to incorporate it into my classes. Thanks!
Sure thing. I'll do some work this afternoon. I have a few items started and it would be good to have more eyes take a critical look before I get too far into it (I had 4 flights last week, so I tried to be productive with my travel time :)

I'll be in touch

Here's the first of the batch
And the second
And the third
This outline is a really solid description of both your intentions and your design. I've made a few comments in tracked changes and will upload it here. Thanks so much for putting this down in writing and sharing it so that we can all collaborate on its development!
Here are links to some of the documents I used. In some cases I had to modify existing GLBRC documents; in others I created from scratch. I'll have more comments on some things soon (my lunch just started, so I'll brb). The Play-doh lab was definitely a highlight; I felt it went over quite well and it was very evident students were beginning to shift their grasp on the molecular side of the issue. The pre-test was admittedly too hard; the post-test was toned down a bit but could still be edited a lot more.

Agriscience – Carbon Cycle Links
Pre-Test http://bit.ly/CarbonPreTest
Soil-Core Sampling http://bit.ly/CarbonCycleSoilSample
Carbon Cycle PPT: http://bit.ly/CarbonCyclePPT
Carbon Cycle Notesheet: http://bit.ly/CarbonCycleNotesheet
Play-doh Carbon Molecule Modeling: http://bit.ly/CarbonMoleculeModels
Bucket Gassers CO2 Lab: http://bit.ly/CarbonBucketGassers
Carbon Unit Test: http://bit.ly/CarbonFinalTest
You were wondering about the hallway demonstration. I've found that just having the kids moving really helps them retain what they're studying. Sitting in the desk (while easier for the teacher most of the time) really doesn't help them remember the important data.
I did have them moving around and standing to make their molecules; I kinda wonder if you combined the two how it would work (?)....I could see having them fill in gaps of a molecule drawn in chalk on the floor afterwards maybe kinda sorta possibly (?)
I'll have to try it sorta (?).
Did you try it, Ken? I'm curious to hear how this went.

Craig, are you growing all sorts of Fast Plants, now?




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