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Howdy Super Soilers!  See rough outline for lesson plan

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Yepper; the mini-maize is ready to be moved to pots and the fast plants seeds will start in a couple weeks. I have one research team proposing to test the dwarfs vs. control in Accelerase enzyme. I think their plan (for now) is to snip each plant off at the base, grind it, and put the entire ground plant into a test tube of Accelerase. They'll then test the glucose concentrations with a diabetes blood test the following day to see which has the higher average or if they're roughly the same. We'll try a similar approach with the F1 generation of mini-maize if we see interesting results.

Another research team is testing the CO2 emissions from wood pellets vs. corn pellets for heating furnaces using the bucket gassers (I think they plan to burn outside and then measure the CO2 inside the buckets. They're all still working on the methods as we speak so this may change). A couple other groups are testing plant responses to soil treatments. We've got some pretty fun experiments planned for next month.
Interesting. Why do they want to measure CO2 output for wood pellets vs corn? Life cycle-wise it doesn't seem that it would make a difference. Are they also testing heating capacity of the 2 fuels? Maybe CO2 emitted per certain amount of heat released?
I think this is their intent but your point is a good one. They present their first drafts this afternoon so I'll confirm they're heading in that direction
Very cool -- nicely done! I think the Accelerase protocol sounds very workable.




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