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I'm back again after a rather successful first WFP lab experience with my first AP Bio students this past academic year. We chose trichomes as our trait for selection. And based on our statistical analysis, we concluded that the average number of trichomes expressed by our second generation plants were significantly greater compared to our first generation.

I'm currently in the process of grading the introductions my upcoming AP Bio students wrote for this actual lab as part of their summer assignment. There were some interesting alternative trait choices that I would like to run by this discussion group. I'm hoping to get some advice as to what trait(s) is (are) best to choose from besides trichomes.

I would assume that a given trait can only make the cut if it is at least partly dictated by genetics and not merely environment. I'm interested in your opinions and hopefully past experience.

Here are the suggestions my students came up with:

- plant height (judged I assume by stem length starting directly above the cotyledons until the apex of the plant)

- number of leaves

- number of flowers

Any other traits you can think of?

Thank you for your help.


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