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We initially planted in 32 quads and thinned the multiple plants that grew down to one per cell, leaving us with 128 plants. We selected these by which ones grew closer to the middle of the cell, and removed those closer to the edges.

We have been taking data on their height and cotyledon width every couple of days, and on the 12th DAP, we took the tallest 10% of the plants, and removed the rest. We were/are left with 13 plants, currently.

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Photos from 5 days after planting:


Why did you choose to remove the plants closest to the edge?

Julie Cunningham

The reason for this is to prevent bias during our selection process. We removed the plants closest to the edge without paying attention to the height or health of each plant.

That seems like a good idea. I'll remember this for when I plan to do the lab this fall.

I am glad that you find this discussion helpful in your classroom!




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