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Planting Procedures

  • 50:50 soil mix of peat moss and course vermiculite
  • 3-4 osmocote pellets per cell
  • 2-3 seeds per cell (thinned at 2-3 days after planting)
  • See "Quads Planting Protocol" for detailed instructions on our planting methods
  • Cells were top watered with 100ppm Peter's Professional Hydroponic Solution
  • Lighting: 24hrs/day under eight T8 fluorescent light bulbs
  • Lighting: Tops of plants will be maintained at 1-5" from lights

Procedures for Measuring

  • Height - Height is measured with the bottom edge of the ruler resting on the styrofoam surface of the quad up until the highest point of the plant (but don't let the ruler touch the plant!).
  • Cotyledon Width - This measurement is taken on ONLY ONE cotyledon. The measurement should be taken from the wider cotyledon for consistency. Please see this picture for a visual example of how to measure Cotyledon Width.
  • Notes on Measuring Development - Initially we planned to include an additional metric to help quantify the measurement of development. We had intended this metric to be the counting of the number of true leaves visibly discernible when looking down at the plants apex. We realized that this is not a reliable metric because it is highly subjective. Often, it was the case that different investigators would rate a plant as having different numbers of true leaves. As a result, we decided not to use this as a metric.

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Here's a link to a simple timeline for this investigation.




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