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Hi everybody,


About 3 weeks ago I stared a new experiment on selection with my students with the collaboration of another colleague and his class (and two other curious science teachers).


This time in order to give a strong impression (Brassica marketing) we decided to select for trichomes in a population of 117 plants. Moreover I multiplied x2 the lamps of my growing system: actually we gained the time lack of last year.


Finally I decided to eliminate from the mix pot (that I choose for last year) spelt in order to slow down the decomposition process and the subsequent moss and algae growth.


Here some results from the first generation (moreover in order to discuss about “variability” I decided to compare 2 traits: number of leaves and number of trichomes).

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Interesting data, Mattia. 

Let me check my understanding of the black and white graphs, please. Do they represent data taken on day 8 and day 16 of the first generation, with the top graph being the number of leaves and the second graph being number of trichomes?

Thanks for sharing!


Ciao Hedi,

you are right...

(not concerning this experiment ... do you know if Brassica rapa produces phytoalexins?)





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