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I would like to present a session on WFP at the WSST convention next spring. I would like some other people that intend to be there (Appleton, next March) assist. I've presented quite a few times over the years and feel pretty comfortable doing so, but I always like to have co-presenters if possible. If you are interested, please let me know. If anyone at UW is planning on being there, it would be great to display some of your planting systems. I just do the basics, though I intend to branch out (so to speak) this year.


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Great idea, Steve. We often go to WSST, and we could definitely and bring some different light and growing systems (even some plants, if it would be helpful) to share during your presentation. Your idea of doing a co-presentation is a great idea--it's always interesting to hear from a couple of perspectives. Thank you for initiating this discussion.

Yes, Hedi, the more, the better. Your plants would be a great supplement. The time for applying to present at the convention will be coming up soon, so if you can give me something more concrete, that would be helpful.

I'm open to your ideas, Steve--we can support your presentation with whatever materials you'll need. Also, let's email to share this invitation with the other Leadership Cohort members who live in Wisconsin, too.

I don't have all of the email addresses of other Wisconsin members. Can you do this or at least forward them to me?




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