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Hello Fellow WFP Network Members!
Is RSS Feed something new to you? You are not alone! It is one of the features offered by our new network that is great to take advantage of because you can stay informed about activity (new Blog and Forum posts, etc.) without necessarily going to the network webpage.

Here’s how it works. RSS Feed detects any activity on the network and grabs a bit of information about it and a link to the webpage where it is located. Then, any member who has subscribed to the RSS Feed will receive that short blurb and link in their reader.

The box titled Latest Activity on our network’s main page is generated by RSS Feed (this is what it will look like in your reader if you subscribe).

On our network, you can subscribe to RSS Feeds for the Latest Activity, for anyone’s blog (such as the Wisconsin Fast Plants Blog), for a particular forum---anywhere you see the RSS Feed icon (see the screen shot image, below, which I marked up).

I use my e–mail program (it's called Mail––I use a Mac) as my RSS Feed reader for our network because then I only have to check my e–mail to know if there’s been activity (and I check my e–mail often, but I might forget to check a separate RSS Feed reader). If you are interested in setting yours up the same way, I suggest that you look on the web or in your e–mail help to learn if you can and how to do that with your e–mail program. About.com has a good page about RSS Feed Readers and NewsGator seems to be an option for Outlook users.

If you’d like to understand more about what RSS Feed is and how to use it, there is a good 3 –minute video called RSS Feed in Plain English from Common Craft (check out all their “Plain English” videos if you are feeling a little rusty with the latest computer geek–ware!).

I hope you find this helpful and that RSS Feed can be a useful tool for you to stay connected to your friends here on the WFP Network!


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