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GLBRC Soils Lesson – Ag Standards
Wisconsin’s Model Academic
Standards for Agricultural Education

B.12.1 Apply knowledge of technology to identify and solve problems (see SC H.12.3, H.12.4, H.12.5)

B.12.2 Select and communicate information in an appropriate format; e.g., oral, written,graphic, pictorial, multimedia (see LA B.12.1, C.12.1)

B.12.3 Use technology to acquire, organize, and communicate information by entering,modifying, retrieving, and storing data (see LA B.12.2)

E.12.1 Understand the application of agricultural technologies that can sustain production while reducing environmental impact (see SC G.12.3)

E.12.2 Analyze benefits, costs, and consequences of land use (see SC G.12.3, H.12.1; SS A.12.12)

E.12.4 Analyze practices used by farmers to reduce erosion and runoff to maintain soil fertility and productivity (see SC H.12.5)

E.9-12.1 Engage in applied learning opportunities emphasizing ecological and environmental principles

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