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To know a plant, grow a plant!

Happy New Year to all!

Each new note we receive from a teacher, parent, researcher or volunteer who is helping learners plant Fast Plants reminds us how grateful we are to all of you for keeping the world of plants actively present in children's lives.

So many different sources tell us that children have fewer and fewer opportunities now to explore nature outdoors or develop understandings of our interdependent relationships with plants. However, we see time and again how children of all ages who grow Fast Plants develop a powerful sense of wonder and appreciation for plants. To all of you who bring Fast Plants into your lessons and give learners a chance to get up close and personal with a germinating seed and the pollen on an anther we say THANK YOU!!

In our quest for an environmentally literate citizenry who can make well-reasoned decisions for Earth's future--including decisions affecting the plants on which nearly all life depends--we wish for all learners to know a plant, by growing a plant!

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