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Comment by Wisconsin Fast Plants Program on March 8, 2010 at 1:36pm
Hello Peter,
It sounds like you're designing an interesting experiment, and you ask some great questions. The soil that is provided with Fast Plants in the kit is well-suited for Fast Plants; what do you find it's pH to be?
You will find a lot of good background information about the environment and Fast Plants in a PDF that you can download from our website called Understanding the Environment.
It sounds like you are also asking an important question about whether the soil will buffer the alkalinity that you establish in the water, and that's a great question. Can you think of a way to compare the pH of the soil in which your plants grow and the water with which you water them?
Please keep us posted as you design your experiment; it will be interesting to hear more about your work and the data that you collect. Others on the network may also chime in!



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