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Teaching Genetics with Fast Plants--Abbreviating Procedures to Fit Busy Schedules

I'm sharing here a DRAFT document that describes options for teaching genetics with our "Who's the Father?" procedures in ways that reduce the amount of class time required. We receive quite a few requests for help with timing these lessons, and perhaps this table could be a good way to communicate various options.

I do believe that the best option for learning is to have students produce their own F2 seeds, even if you have to supplement them because you don't produce enough or replace them with purchased F2 seeds to speed along the final stages of development. However, I am also empathetic to the time limitations we face, and I think the options below describe some good alternatives.

This table describes using non-purple stem (monohybrid) or non-purple stem, rosette-dwarf (dihybrid) phenotypes. Additional support for deciding what Fast Plant traits and procedur...

Your comments about this table, procedural options, and edits are welcome!

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